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As the Energy Capital of the World, Houston is the headquarters and the intellectual capital for virtually every segment of the energy industry including exploration, production, transmission, marketing, supply, and technology. Houston employs nearly a third of the nation's jobs in oil and gas extraction. Home to 4,600 energy-related firms, the region remains at the forefront of foreign investment in energy - particularly in Mexico.

The critical mass created by such a high concentration of companies and thought leaders in one geographic area yields opportunities for all sectors of the energy industry, including a growing focus on energy tech and renewable forms of energy.

Business Climate

Houston's high concentration of energy expertise and experience has meant a large number of relocations to the Houston region in recent decades. The region offers access to 3million workers and more engineers than any other U.S. metro. With more than 600 exploration and production firms, 1,100 oilfield service companies and more than 180 pipeline transportation establishments, Houston is truly the Energy Capital of the World.


Energy Employment

44 out of 128

Publicly Traded Oil & Gas Firms

2.6 Million

Barrels of Crude Oil Processed


Largest Concentration of Engineers

Additionally, new energy technologies such as hydraulic fracturing and deep-water offshore technology began or are centered in Houston. On top of this, Houston's petrochemical sector is experiencing record level growth with $50 billion in dollars of facility construction underway.


As the brain trust of the global energy industry, Houston’s ecosystem offers a competitive advantage to energy companies working in solar, wind, biomass and other renewables activities. The region has a growing base of solar energy sources and is home to more than 100 solar related companies.


Solar-Related Cos.


Wind-Related Companies


Online Wind projects in Texas

$3.7 Billion

Cleantech Venture Capital Funding

Texas and Houston are well-positioned as leaders in developing large scale renewable energy projects in both wind and solar. The state continues to pave the way by leading the nation in installed wind capacity.

Energy Tech

As Houston continues to leverage its unique strengths with expertise, talent, and ability to scale, the region is creating an environment that naturally fosters emerging digital technology companies and their R&D work.


Energy Tech Cos.


Energy Focused R&D Centers


Incubators, Accelerators & Coworking spaces

At least 21 of the Houston’s 40 corporate R&D centers are focused on energy technology and innovation. You can find a healthy mix of innovative start-ups to experienced and evolved tech companies focusing on a range of activity, including blockchain, data analytics and AI.

You can find a healthy mix of innovative startups to experienced and evolved tech companies focusing on a range of activity, including blockchain, data analytics and AI. Energy startups represent 15% of Houston’s digital tech startups, employing more than 2,000 tech savvy entrepreneurs and professionals.

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Industry Partners

The EIA expects WTI to average $66.42 per barrel in '22

1,846.9 MW

Texas' solar capacity as of Q3/17, ranking it 7th

Houston Energy Conversations at SXSW

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The Energy Workforce of the Future

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