餐厅 & 夜生活

With a population as ethnically diverse as Houston’s, where one out of every four residents was born abroad, it st和s to reason that an eclectic restaurant scene would emerge. And that’s exactly what has happened—from Downtown to the Clear Lake area 和 the East End to Memorial, Houston eateries have made this a food lover’s paradise. Name any country 和 most likely there is a restaurant in the Houston area that serves delectable dishes from “back home.” 


Chris Shepherd — perhaps Houston’s most famous chef — is celebrated for creating restaurants like his now-retired flagship Underbelly that tell Houston’s story through food. For the James Beard Award winner, that means immersing in the lesser known traditions of H-Town’s Asian communities, 印度的飞地, 拉丁社区, 克里奥尔厨房和更多. Find his uniquely delicious dishes at his restaurants — 乔治亚州的詹姆斯, 五分之一 和你B活

Every neighborhood in Houston has options worth exploring. Foodies know that Lower Westheimer in Montrose has risen to national notoriety for its superstar chefs, 很酷的咖啡店, bustling bakeries 和 trendy-bar-next-door vibe. But other districts are vying for gastronomic greatness: In Downtown, hotel restaurants are surprisingly chic, like James Beard-winning Hugo Ortega’s Xochi inside the Marriott Marquis, the new C. 鲍德温酒店 罗莎莉, 河口 & 瓶 在四季酒店. In EaDo, a trio of exciting spots from the nationally lauded crew Agricole Hospitality — 旋转木马小姐 cocktail bar, next-door pizza place 文尼的, Gulf-Coast-cool Indianola -每晚都会吸引一大群人, Nancy’s Hustle has quietly become one of the most talked-about restaurants in Texas. 

River Oaks 和 the Galleria boast a h和ful of high-end steakhouse experiences, like 多丽丝大都会, 牛排48 获取的. Inside the mall, find stylish sushi 和 more at Nobu 和, across the way, amazing Indian food at the palatial 和 beautifully designed Musaafer. 的 Heights is the latest ’hood to emerge as a foodie destination, with outposts of many Houston go-tos — 共同债券 面包店, 当地的食物 三明治店, 的汉堡店,状态特别喜爱的人 菜的社会 — opening here in the last few years. It’s more pedestrian-friendly than other areas, which makes for an easy 和 fun progressive dining experience. 

While reliable online restaurant guides from OpenTable, Zagat 和 Yelp are available to help newcomers get their culinary bearings, many visitors like asking for local recs. Suggestions for fine-dining may include Tony’s, B&B Butchers, Uchi 和 Pappas Bros. Steakhouse; hole-in-the-wall haunts 和 casual hot spot as might be 卡特林的烧烤, 《皇冠HGA010官方下载》, 早餐Klub麻辣的四川

For those looking to get a little closer to their food, local farmers’ markets spring up around Houston on the weekends, where vendors proudly display their homegrown fare 和 homemade product. 的 Urban Harvest Farmers Market is held on Wednesdays 和 Saturdays year-round, boasts more than 50 farmers 和 vendors selling everything from freshly harvested produce 和 artisan breads to grass-fed beef 和 emu eggs.


Beyond the international flavors putting Houston on the culinary map, the city is also home to a diverse array of nightlife. 

For those seeking chic cocktail bar vibes, head to Bobby Heugel’s 铁砧, Houston’s first craft cocktail establishment where an extensive menu of h和crafted drinks awaits. For a more upscale atmosphere, check out Heugel’s nearby Tongue-Cut麻雀

Those looking for a lively outdoor atmosphere should look no further than Axelrad 在中城地区或 高度的啤酒花园 in the eclectic Heights neighborhood. 伍斯特的花园霍尔曼草案的房子, 也都在中城, offer fun patios 和 a mix of cocktails from the easygoing tropical to the intensely boozy. 的 Midtown 和 Washington Avenue neighborhoods both draw crowds to their diverse array of bars 和 night clubs. 

Houston is also a live music mecca with venues such as 的乡村, 的蓝调之屋, 白栎音乐厅仓库现场 举几个例子. 

艺术 & 文化

Houston is one of only a h和ful of cities in the country with resident companies in all of the major performing arts disciplines including opera, 戏剧, 音乐剧, 交响乐和芭蕾舞. 的re are also 19 different arts 和 cultural institutions that make up the walkable Museum District.

公园 & 在户外

Of all the things that make living in Houston so enjoyable, high on the list are the city 和 county parks along with state 和 federal recreation spots.

社区 & 社区

Houston offers a wide variety of neighborhoods to suit the taste 和 budget of residents. Find your perfect neighborhood.


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